Google Docs Tour

Using Google Docs in the Classroom



Google Documents Tutorial

Google Docs Help

After reviewing the tutorials above, complete these tasks:
  1. Create a document. Insert an image via a Google Image Search.
  2. Create a document and share your document with another teacher. Both of you edit on the document at the same time. Note that you can review the revision history to see who made each change to the document.
  3. Create a mathematical equation Elementary teachers, note that you can make simple division and multiplication signs and fractions (hit the TAB key to move from numerator to denominator).
  4. Type a couple paragraphs of text. Translate the document to another language.
  5. Export a document you have created in Google Docs and save it to your hard disk of your computer.
    Upload a documents you have already created on your computer to Google Docs.
  6. Create a simple document with 3 headings. Generate a table of contents..


Google Presentations Tutorial

After reviewing the tutorial above, try these tasks:
  1. Create a simple presentation. Change your Theme or background.
  2. Insert and adjust shapes to create a diagram or flow chart.
  3. Insert an Image in your presentation.
  4. Share your presentation with another teacher. Both of you create and edit slides at the same time.


Google Spreadsheets Help

Google Spreadsheets Tutorial

Google Spreadsheet Gadget Examples


  1. Create a new spreadsheet. Add a formula to your spreadsheet.
  2. Create a chart for your speadsheet.
  3. Browse through the spreadsheet templates gallery. Use the search tool to find a template for your classroom.
  4. Share your spreadsheet with another teacher.


Google Forms Tutorial

  1. Creating forms with at least 3 different questions types.
  2. Share the form with 3 other teachers and have them take the survey. Then view form responses.


Google Collection Tutorial

After review the tutorial above, complete these tasks:
  1. Create a collection (folder) and add a document to the collection.
  2. Share your collection with another teacher.

Google Search

Timeline Tutorial
Google Search help page

Read the tutorials above and complete these tasks:
  1. Do a search on a topic and then use Timeline to view content from a different decade.
  2. Use advanced search to find articles from other countries and get a different perspective. Country Code List - Click here. Example: London riots site:uk
  3. Use Google's advanced search page to limit a search to results only from this past week (hint: click the Date, Usage_rights, Region button and choose "past week").

Note: we offer a two-credit online class called Web Literacy for Educators that includes much more on advanced search techniques. Feel free to register if you are interested.