The document you create for this course will be added to in each Unit. So please follow directions carefully so I can watch the evolution of your completed document.
Once you are logged-in to your Google Account you will have a wide selection of options.

If you have logged into a Google Apps Account with your school your screen should look like this:

If this is your screen click on "Drive and Docs" to enter the Google Docs section.

If you have logged into a personal Google Account your screen should look like this on the left side:
Click on "More", in the drop-down menu select "Drive" and you will automatically enter the Google Docs section.

Now that you have successfully entered Google Docs you will see several options along the left side of your screen. These options help you organize your documents. Your first step will be for you to create a document.

Creating a Document
When you click "Create" a drop down will appear, select "Document".
Renaming Your Document
Once your document opens your screen will look like this. Your first step is to rename your document. Google3.JPG

Editing Your Document
A Google Doc is like a Word Document in many ways and as you look across the tool bard many of the icons are the exact same so editing within your document will be a breeze.
Note: Make a Cover Page including Title, Subtitle
Add Directions for Centering