TIE Membership offers these self-paced online classes (free for TIE Members) on Google Apps or Google Docs:

Google Docs and Google Apps are very similar. Google Docs is a very flexible and open system, but we recommend schools utilize Google Apps if possible. Google Apps allows schools to have more control over student accounts and what access they have within the Google tools and to the rest of the internet. Click here to learn more about the similarities and differences of Google Apps vs. Google Docs.

All school districts also have the option to set up their own Google Apps structure.
While the South Dakota K-12 Data Center has a Google Apps structure for, district technology coordinators must switch it on for your individual district.

If you have a Google Apps account, please use that account for these classes. If Google Apps is not an option, you can use a personal Google Docs account. If you are unsure whether your school has Google Apps, contact your district technology coordinator.
If you do not have any Google account, set up your account here.

Don't forget, TIE has Google Apps certified trainers for face-to-face workshops at your school, both introductory or intermediate, on the tools above as well as other Google tools, including (but not limited to):
  • Google Forms
  • using Google widgets
  • iGoogle
  • advanced Google searching
  • Google Reader
  • Google Books
  • Google Earth
  • Sketchup
TIE Members receive a discount for face-to-face workshops.