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In this introductory class you will familiarize yourself with the main features of Google Sites and get started creating your own.
  • Create and customize a Google site either for educational purposes or your own personal use.
  • View Examples of Google sites
  • Learn and create four different types of pages to help keep your content organized: webpage, announcements, file cabinet and list
  • Learn about Editing features
  • Learn how to Manage your site and edit the sidebar
  • Continue learning through Tutorials and Videos on Google sites

In each of the following units, you may have a reading, a video to watch, an activity to do, and a task to complete. The CLASS WORK appears at the bottom of each unit page and reflects the content and skills learned in that unit. To complete this course, you must do the CLASS WORK in each unit.

We have created our own Google Site - TIE Google Sites Tutorial - which we will frequently use in this class. So we begin in Wikispaces, but move to Google Sites throughout this course. We hope by using this site, you can see the capabilities of Google Sites.

If you do not yet have a Google Account, you must create one before starting Unit 1.

Unit 1 - What is a Google Site and Getting Started-Create your Site
Unit 2 - Create pages
Unit 3 - Page editing features
Unit 4 - Manage your Site and Editing the Sidebar

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Kim Clark