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Web Literacy for Educators

This class utilizes the Alan November book Web Literacy for Educators, so if you have not acquired it yet please do so prior to starting this class. You are welcome to purchase it anywhere, but here is a link to purchase it through TIE/Amazon:
Purchase the book: Web Literacy for Educators

Course Content:
  • Unit 1 Search Engine Comparison, Understanding Domains
  • Unit 2 RSS Feeds, Social Bookmarking (Diigo)
  • Unit 3 Blog Search, More RSS
  • Unit 4 Delicious Search, Narrow Search 1
  • Unit 5 Alt Search Tools, Narrow Search 2, Book Search
  • Unit 6 Proactive Search, Niche Search, Wikipedia, and Podcasts
  • Unit 7 Cell Phone Search and Google Stupid
  • Unit 8 "Better" Sources for Searching the Interent
If you have questions, contact the course instructor. Lennie Symes.

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At times you may be asked to capture a screen of an activity. Click here to see those instructions.