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Web Literacy 2

Learn how the internet and mobile technology can be used to enhance your professional skills! Develop a better understanding of how the web works and how to participate in web communities. This class is intended for educators who have completed Web Literacy for Educators or have equivalent experience (intermediate internet and mobile technology skills). Participants will need access to a computer that can download a variety of tools or internet browsers (in other words, if you are only using a locked-down school computer, you may not be able to complete portions of this course). One unit requires access to an Android smartphone/tablet or iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)--anticipate spending $5-$20 in apps.

Unit 0: Setting up accounts, RSS, Google Alerts, and archived content
Unit 1: eBooks: Moving Beyond Paper
Unit 2: Social Media--Reshaping How We Gather Info and Contribute to the Community
Unit 3: Web Browsing--What Happens Behind the Scenes
Unit 4: Two Topics: Customized Search and Privacy: Does it Exist?
Unit 5: Mobile Tools: Access Beyond the Computer
Unit 6: Two Topics: Advanced Search and Sharing Dynamic Content
Unit 7: Learning How to Learn (Tutorials, Videos, Podcasts)

The book for this class is Public Parts: How Sharing in the Digital Age Improves the Way We Work and Live by Jeff Jarvis. You may buy the ebook version of the book from the ebook vendor of your choice (by the way, you do not need a special ereader device to read ebooks--most versions can be viewed on your computer. If you are unsure which ebook format to purchase, you can wait until we explain and compare the four versions in Unit 1):
Public Parts Kindle eBook
Public Parts Nook eBook
Public Parts Google eBook
Public Parts Apple iBook (iTunes)

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