Welcome to TIE Membership Self Paced Courses

These online professional development workshops are intended for educators in districts that contribute to TIE Membership (TIE Membership List). These districts pay for the development and instruction of the courses.To sign up for the workshop, register at TIE Membership.

Non-membership educators are free to look at the content of the courses. If you intend to use this material for staff development, please encourage your district to join TIE Membership.

*Special Note*

If you are accessing these pages via Safari on the iPad, Wikispaces has a strange idiosyncrasy with Safari: 1) the pages do not display correctly, particularly the navigation pane on the left, and 2) you cannot paste into the discussion pane from the clipboard. One browser that does work with both issues is Puffin or Puffin Free. Puffin was designed to work with websites that utilize Flash (Apple has made a stand not to allow flash to work on their iOS products). While Wikispaces does not utilize Flash, Puffin browser does allow you to cut and paste your compositions into Wikispaces.

Other browsers, like Atomic Browser or Perfect Browser, allow you to change a setting to "pretend" to be other browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer. When set, these browsers can display Wikispace correctly, but they do not work correctly with cut and paste.